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Pension Fund

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About the fund

Nottinghamshire County Council invests and administers the pension fund for Nottinghamshire County Council, all the district councils, and many other organisations who are generally non-profit making, or are undertaking a service which was, or could be carried out by the Local Authority.

The fund is valued at approximately £4.9 billion with over 250 contributing employers and over 43,000 contributing members.

Aims & Purpose of the fund

The aims of the fund:

  • to keep the contribution rate as constant as possible at reasonable cost to the taxpayers
  • to manage employers’ liabilities effectively
  • to ensure that sufficient resources are available to meet all liabilities as they fall due
  • to maximise the returns from investments within reasonable risk parameters.

The purpose of the fund:

  • is to receive monies in respect of contributions, transfer values and investment income
  • is to pay out monies in respect of scheme benefits, transfer values, costs, charges and expenses as defined in the relevant government regulations.

Annual Report and AGM

The most recent Nottinghamshire Pension Fund annual reports:

At the Pension Fund AGM on 4 October 2018 the following presentations were given:

Presentations from the 2017 AGM:


Governance & strategies

This section explains the governance and strategies applicable to the administration of the fund.

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This section gives details and links about the pension fund investment strategy.

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