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About your payslip

In this section we will provide information on the payment of your pension and look at your payslip

When will I receive my payslip?

Pay Dates

Understanding your payslip


When will I receive a pay slip?

When your pension starts, we will send you pay slips for the first three months.

After that, a pay slip will be sent to you in March, April, May and June of each year.

Additional payslips may be issued if there is a substantial change to your pension.

Pay dates

For 2016/2017, the pension pay dates are as follows: 

Month Year Pension pay dates Will I receive 
a payslip? 
January 2018 31 January 2018 No
February 2018 28 February 2018 No
March 2018 29th March 2018 Yes
April 2018 30 April 2018 Yes
May 2018 31 May 2018 Yes
June 2018 29 June 2018 No
July 2018 31 July 2018 No
August 2018 31 August 2018 No
September 2018 28 September 2018 No
October 2018 31 October 2018 No
November 2018 30 November 2018 No
December 2018 31 December 2018 No
January 2019 31 January 2019 No
February 2019 28 February 2019 No
March 2019 29 March 2019 Yes


Understanding my pay slip


Payslips are divided into five main sections:

Section A: General information

Message Box 

Any messages will be entered here.

Personnel Number

Personnel Numbers are 8 digits long and the number will be different from your old payroll number.

Pay Period

This is the current tax month; financial years start each April and end in March.

Pay Date

This is the date your pay should reach your bank; note some building societies may take longer if they use a ‘roll’ number, along with a bank sort code and account, due to their processes.

Tax Period

This is the tax month your pay has been taxed up to. See above re Pay Period, for example 01 is April.

Tax Code

This code allows us to work out how much you are allowed to earn before you pay tax.

Initially when we set up your pension payment HMRC require us to put you on 0T tax code, which means that tax will be deducted at 20%. 

If you believe your tax code is wrong, you can appeal and you should contact HM Revenues and Customs (HMRC), commonly known as the ‘Tax Office’.

N.I. No
Employers Tax Reference

This is the Authority’s tax reference for all pensioners, and you should quote it on all correspondence with HMRC (Tax Office).


Section B: Payments      

PAYMENTS                             Amounts £


01 Basic Pension     



01 Basic Pension Pl


Section C: Deductions    

DEDUCTIONS                           Amount £


  Tax Paid                    



As with any refunds in deductions, tax refunds have a ‘-‘ minus sign in front of the amount.


Section D: Contracts 

This will be blank

Section E: Totals to Date and Net Pay  

Totals to date (£)

These are the total payments and deductions relating to your pension in the current financial year (from April to date).

Net Pay £

This is the amount you have actually been paid, after deductions, in the current pay period (your take home pay).